Grazing Fields provides top care to clients of all levels. Basic and Full Care packages are available. Please contact liz@grazingfields.com for further information on boarding with us.
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For clients in our training and showing program, we offer stabling in four separate barns, and are fortunate to have over twenty turn-out areas, ranging from large fields to generously-sized individual grass paddocks.  We also have two small sand paddocks for horses on limited turnout. We strongly believe that daily turnout is essential for horses’ physical and mental well-being.​

Our stable manager arranges all appointments with our farrier and veterinarian, who are here weekly to tend to our horses' needs.

Each boarder is assigned an individual storage locker with room for everyday riding equipment. There is always plenty of room to ride, with four expansive outdoor riding rings with all weather footing, as well as a 70 x 180’ indoor arena.  Riders may hack in several of the fields on the property, and we also have direct access to trails.

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Our show schedule and training program offer showing opportunities for horses and riders at all levels.


In addition to competing at the Rated shows held on site, our horses and riders travel extensively throughout the Northeast to compete.  In the winter, our riders have the options of staying home and attending local winter shows, or heading south to Wellington or Ocala shows.


Riders in our Lesson Program are encouraged to start their show careers on our school horses and ponies at our South Coast Series Horse Shows. These shows are a fun, informal and affordable introduction to competition.

With multiple on-site USEF-rated shows each season, our riders are able to compete frequently without shipping their horses off the property.

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Riders ages 7 and older (adults of any age included!)  are invited to join us for mounted instruction in basic riding skills at the walk, trot, and canter as well as an introduction to jumping. 


Safety and overall good

horsemanship are priorities with our instructors! Grooming and tacking up skills are also incorporated as part of the lessons.​

All of our School mounts have been selected for their exceptionally good manners, smooth gaits, and forgiving temperaments which make them appropriate for novice riders. These horses and ponies are also appropriate for any students wishing to compete at our South Coast Series schooling shows. ​

Under the guidance of Coach Jennifer Sullivan, our Interscholastic Equestrian Team is a great way for riders to compete in a team sport. Riders in Middle and High school are eligible to compete at all levels. Both our Middle and High school teams were Champions at their Zone 

and Regional Finals in 2017, and our 

High School Team earned themselves 

the National Championship!

For More Information

contact Jen at 508-932-3166